Riviera DEV 2015

Les conférences du soleil : 11 et 12 juin 2015 au campus Sophia-Tech à Sophia-Antipolis


A Gentle Path into Java EE Applications

Description: Creating a new Java EE Application is a daunting task. Choosing the specifications you need for your application and mixing and matching them is difficult, especially for newbies. In this presentation we will show how JBoss Forge can help overcome these difficulties. We will use it to first create a Java EE application that uses most of the Java EE specifications (JPA, Bean Validation, CDI, JSF, JAX-RS...) and afterwards test it (JUnit and Arquillian). From a white sheet, JBoss Forge will help us to quick start the application and gradually add extra features to it. Finally we will end up with a fully functional and testable application. If you attend this session, you will know how JBoss Forge guides you gently up the hill of Java EE application development.
Horaire: 12 juin 2015 11:30 - 12:30